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You are reading this because you have heard of 3D printing from the media and marveled at what you’ve seen.

3d-yodaA machine like a Star Trek Replicator, something magical that can create 3D objects out of thin air. It can “print” in plastic, metal, nylon, and over a hundred other materials. It can be used for making nonsensical little models like the over-printed Yoda, yet it can also print manufacturing prototypes, end user products, quasi-legal guns, aircraft engine parts and even human organs using a person’s own cells.

We live in an age that is witness to what many are calling the Third Industrial Revolution. 3D printing, more professionally called additive manufacturing, moves us away from the Henry Ford era mass production line, and will bring us to a new reality of customizable, one-off production.

Meet Max Devereux

aboutMy name is Max Devereux and I work for an Industrial Design company in Los Angeles, California USA. We design various products and prototypes for clients and the 3D printing revolution over the past few years has allowed us to rapidly speed up our design process.

At work, I have access to all the major desktop, DIY and commercial 3D printers. We are also 3D printing enthusiasts, so we own a lot of personal 3D printers for home / hobby use.

Since a lot of people want to get started with 3D printing and don’t know where to start, this site was created to review the main consumer models so people can compare and make an informed decision about which 3D printer is perfect for them.

3D Printers – Guidance, Advice and Tips

Some 3D printers are very inexpensive and can be built from a kit, whilst as expected, the semi-pro models are more stable, but are also more expensive.

This 3D printing revolution can be compared to the home-brew-DIY computer market in the 1970’s, when enthusiasts built and operated their own personal computers.

In a few years time, these 3D printers will be everywhere!

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3D Printer Reviews

With extensive use of all the latest 3D Printers, I have tested and reviewed the most popular consumer models so you can make an informed decision.

Buyers Guide

I have also created a 3D Printer Buyers Guide so you can easily compare different models and choose the right one depending on your budget and requirements.

Latest News and Reviews

Read my detailed reviews so you can choose the right 3D Printer for your requirements and budget.